Gearing Up…

Testing, testing…making sure I remember how to use this site.

After a weirdly warm fall, winter seems to have settled in here in Northern Ontario. We are just back from a five-day trip to the Kitchener area to celebrate an early Christmas with Erica’s and Galen’s families and are now preparing for this year’s migration. IMG_0627I never imagined myself a snowbird. I’m not fleeing winter; I like winter—the sharp cold, the stark whites and blacks, the pale blues, the warm fires. But Jack hates it, and over the years I’ve also come to love our second home, in Guanajuato, Mexico. Since I haven’t yet figured out how to be two places at once, I’m happy to spend the winter months there.

For the third year in a row – and perhaps for the last time – we are making a road trip of it, leaving before Christmas, on December 18. Eeek. In less than a week. We’ll head west first, and then south to explore parts of Arizona and California before travelling partway down the west coast of Mexico and east to Guanajuato. Estimated arrival: January 20.

Between now and then, I’ll be blogging on this site. Two years ago, I found the daily blog entries helped me see—and think about what I saw—differently. This year, they will also help me stick to my commitment to write daily (well, almost daily) while giving me a break from the bigger writing project I’m immersed in. More later, perhaps…

For my friends who don’t spend a lot of time at their computers, there are two easy ways to follow this. You can bookmark the page, or you can click the button on the right that says “follow” and you’ll get an email each time I post.

Now begins a week-long scurry of packing, sorting, last-minute errands and visits, and getting the house ready for Robin and Andrea to move in for the winter.

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3 Responses to Gearing Up…

  1. Love the winter photo–what you’re leaving. Assume it’s near your house?

  2. pdunning says:

    Right out the back door…

  3. Carolyn says:

    Oh my goodness — right out your back door!! Stunning.

    Cheers and happy travels xxoo from the other Carolyn 🙂

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