Flagstaff–Canyon–no, Flagstaff

Just a short post today—which is too bad, in a way, since we have good internet service here in Flagstaff, the first in days. But the day hasn’t been much to write about.

As seems to be the pattern, we changed our plans over breakfast and decided to drive to a little town, Tuyason, close to the Grand Canyon and stay there for two nights. We left Monument Valley, and watched as the landscape continued to amaze.



We stopped at a couple of scenic overlooks, the most spectacular at the Little Colorado River, which runs through a canyon that looks pretty grand to me.


As we approached the Grand Canyon Park, we saw a number of signs telling us about a road closure. But we didn’t think it applied to us. Turns out it did. When we arrived at the gate to the Canyon park, a very sympathetic man explained that the road closure meant we couldn’t get to Tuyason without going two hours back to Flagstaff—our original destination for the day. It also meant we couldn’t see enough of the canyon to make it worth the $25 fee to enter the park. So, we turned around…


Here we are in Flagstaff. Laundry in the machines–finally!–and tomorrow morning, we’ll have to deal with an oil change. The funny smell seems to have gone away. We will–I hope–take some time this evening to plan the rest of the trip, though our planning never seems to stick. We do want to cross the border into Mexico in a little more than a week, and we’ve spent more time here in the Four Corners area than we’d expected to.




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1 Response to Flagstaff–Canyon–no, Flagstaff

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    this makes Toronto look more boring than ever. Those vistas are amazing, and the monuments yesterday, most memorable.

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