Mojave Desert

Jack never goes anywhere without his camera. While he stops in the middle of a hiking trail, or pulls over alongside the road to get the perfect angle, the perfect light. I shift impatiently from one foot to another, sigh in resignation, or grumble with real annoyance. When he goes back to the car for his tripod, I roll my eyes and slouch against a tree.

Why can’t you just enjoy what you see? I ask. Why do you always have to take a picture?

Because I see it better when I’m taking pictures, he says. I shrug. I doubt it.

But two years ago, when I first blogged during a trip similar to this one (still available at, something suddenly hit me. I was seeing things better—not because I was taking pictures, though I did take some. I was seeing things better because I knew I wanted to write about them. Jack does pictures. I do words. It’s not the medium; it’s the focus.

On this trip, Jack is taking pictures, of course—hundreds of them, with his camera, long lens, tripod; I’m taking pictures too, with my iphone. No comparison. But the difference is more than the cameras or the skill level. For me, the photos are to illustrate the story. For Jack, the photos ARE the story.

Today, I’ll try to let the photos be the story. Driving and hiking the Mojave Desert. A day in pictures.








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7 Responses to Mojave Desert

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    me gusta

  2. I was about to conclude that these pictures must be Jack’s (in part because they include you), until I saw the one of Jack, which he couldn’t easily have taken himself. But was that one taken by you on the iPhone? Your comments remind me that when I was in Brazil for 5 weeks (in 2007) and kept a travel blog, I was a much better traveler than I usually am: I paid more attention to where I was being taken, what the history was, and how the names were spelled (so I could look them up later), so that I could write about it and include appropriate pictures on the blog.

  3. pdunning says:

    Okay. The two with me in them were taken by Jack. The others by me with the iphone.

  4. sandysteer1 says:

    Keep on doing what you enjoy most – writing your blog makes it so much more real for the rest of us! Pictures do tell a story, but words fill in the details!

  5. Lynn Campbell says:

    In some ways this blog seems more detailed than you previous road trip down to Mexico, and it might be because of the images. Myself, being more of a visual person than a wordsmith, I have still enjoyed both words and images though out your trip. I feel like I’ve almost done the trip with you and Jack.The textures, colours and forms in the various landscapes are quite stunning.

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