Approaching the Border

We left Pete and Lucy’s rental house in Indian Wells early this morning. Yesterday was just the day we needed—a change in pace, relaxed, a chance to spend some time with Pete and Lucy. We saw a bit of the Palm Springs area, IMG_1691ate two great meals out—a break for Lucy, who hasn’t yet really moved in to her kitchen, though she managed to put together a fine meal our first night. Jack and Pete watched football; I sprawled out to read and ended up dozing; we got the car and the clothes washed; Jack and Lucy walked Bogart, the dog and got lost in the many cul-de-sacs.

The brothers at dinner.

The brothers at dinner.

We all tried to figure out how the most elaborate microwave in the world works, and we all failed.

Today, we continued to drive through desert–there certainly is a lot of it!–re-crossing the Colorado River and backtracking east into Arizona, into the lowland “Colorado” desert—rimmed by mountains, but flatter and with different, and even less, foliage than the Mojave desert, where the Joshua trees flourish.


We also passed at least one vast citrus grove—we assume irrigated. And a couple of cultivated areas where the line between water and no water is razor-sharp.


And once, we passed a natural waterway—just a creek, but it obviously supported a broad swath of relatively lush woody growth.IMG_1700

This desert is known for the saguaro cactus – Wiley E. Coyote country. Sometimes they stood in clumps or almost groves, sometimes singly. Pretty impressive.


IMG_1724Tonight, we’re in Green Valley, Arizona, just south of Tucson and only half an hour from Nogales, where we’ll cross into Mexico. We have still not decided whether to do that first thing tomorrow morning, or wait another day–though we’re leaning toward tomorrow. Whichever day it is, we want to leave early enough to be at the border by six, hope the process of crossing doesn’t take too long, and put in as much distance between us and the border area as we can before dark.

We’ve turned a corner in the trip. It’s destination time. The two other times we drove, we crossed in eastern Texas and drove a long day directly to Guanajuato. This time, we’re far west of that, and the plan is to drive down the coast to Mazatlan—a two-day drive—spend a day there, a day visiting friends Ron and Janet who will be in Bucerias, and from there to Guanajuato. So what’s that? Five or six more days on the road. I’m beginning to count…

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