A few words tonight, and I’ll try to include some photos, but the internet in this hotel continues to be frustrating.

We spent some time walking around the Old City here in Mazatlan, and enjoyed seeing the architecture. But in fact, the colonial flavour of the old city is less impressive than the colonial cities we’ve spent more time in. The theatre and the basilica–two “must sees” were both a disappointment. We also walked along the beach, mostly on the wide walkway that stretches for miles between the port and the newly developed beach area to the north. We stopped short of that and had lunch on the beach—shrimp galore.

The malecon (walkway) that follows the beach--great place for dog-walking and roller-blading!

The malecon (walkway) that follows the beach–great place for dog-walking and roller-blading!

Alas, my chronic foot problem has really acted up here, so I spent much of the day in the hotel room reading and people-watching from the balcony while Jack walked farther.

We watched an amazing sunset from our own little balcony, sipping margaritas (me) and beer (Jack), then went out for supper – more shrimp – at a lovely little restaurant run by Canadians from Vancouver.       IMG_1863

The stairway from the courtyard in our hotel to our third-floor room. There's Jack, waving.

The stairway from the courtyard in our hotel to our third-floor room. There’s Jack, waving.

We’re getting back to Spanish–a bit. It always takes awhile.

Tomorrow, to Bucerias. Ron and Janet  have reserved us a room in the hotel they’re staying in, and we’ve decided to settle down there for a few days and enjoy the beach before our final drive to Guanajuato—now “scheduled” for Sunday or Monday.

I seem to be staying online, so I’ll include a few shots from yesterday’s drive. (I have no idea why that man seems to be falling backwards. The cows seem fine…)


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3 Responses to Mazatlan

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    That is an awesome sunset! What a treat to sit on your own balcony and see that while sipping a delicious brew!

  2. Janet says:

    Hi to the voyagers. I am enjoying you travel, like pretending I was there-from my chair near the fireplace, back at Pine Island.
    Great photos, giving me ideas where to venture off to next.
    Enjoy ,Take care, and Thanks for letting me enjoy the trip.
    Janet Arnold

  3. Onni and Ulla Juhala says:

    Me gusta oír que su español empieza a volver. Also have to commend you for learning to do trick shots so well, with the man and his cows. Onni and Ulla

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