Another very quick post. We are in Bucerias, just north of Puerta Vallarta, where some friends are staying for a couple of weeks. We’re here for two, maybe three, days before finally reaching Guanajuato. Once again, we are in a hotel room with no internet access to speak of, so I’m writing this quick update at a plastic table by the swimming pool.

We expected the drive to be mostly good, 4-land road from Mazatlan. Instead, we spent quite a long time on a narrow, winding mountain road with no shoulders. Slow, but scenic. I am sure the crop I referred to a couple of posts ago is sorghum, and today we saw a lot more of it, some being harvested, some being hauled in big, almost-overflowing trucks.

Sorry Carolyn (Miller) still no map.

Just back from a shrimp supper on the beach — no Margaritas, Carolyn (Lapier) since we indulged in wine before walking along the beach to the ocean-side restaurant. There were no people. I guess the tourist business is pretty slow right now.

On the way back, walking through the middle of town, we happened upon a group of Aztec dancers performing. They were just finishing their routine and began begging members of the audience–mostly other tourists–to join them. I declined–embarrassed–when personally invited by the scantily clad man with a huge headdress! But when the announcer said–in English– that this was a dance celebrating the unity of humanity, what could I do? Thankfully, others felt the same way and a group of perhaps 15 tourists joined the half dozen Aztecs, stomping and chanting, holding hands and swerving in a snake-like pattern around the square and through an adjacent restaurant. Good fun.

The connection here by the pool is good, so perhaps tomorrow I’ll spend some time here and catch up on some of the photos. But this is it for tonight. The next couple of days will be quiet ones, I think.

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3 Responses to Bucerias

  1. Onni and Ulla Juhala says:

    Paula, We are hoping that Jack had his camera going while you were dancing, or did they manage to snag him also?

  2. pdunning says:

    Fortunately, he was “dancing” too!

  3. Molly Wood Dunning says:

    Paula, just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying YOUR travels. I don’t envy your aching foot, trapped in traffic or becoming a human antenna to receive wifi, but the views, the shrimp feasts and even the dancing all sound awesome!! Can’t wait for what “we” are doing next! 🙂

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