End of the road.

Yesterday morning, we left Bucerias early, taking the southerly route to Guadalajara through the mountains. There are two routes, and we knew most locals took the northerly one, but that would have had us driving back the way we came for the first couple of hours, so we opted for the southerly one–a long, winding, mountainous trail with little traffic. We know now why it’s not the preferred route.

No kidding!

No kidding!



We got lost in a typical little Mexican town, far from the influence of tourists.




We saw some great vistas.

But mostly, we wanted to get there.


Which we did, about 5:00, and found everything ship-shape as usual, thanks to the careful attention of our good friends, Antonio and Eloisa–and their “jardinero” son, Isaac.

Today, we are unpacking, buying a few groceries, catching up with some friends. I’ll add to this blog from time to time through the winter–but no longer daily. Thanks, everybody, for urging me along!

Oh–and I owe some of you a picture of a green-footed boobie–still on Jack’s camera. Stay tuned.


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4 Responses to End of the road.

  1. Lynn Campbell says:

    Thank you both for taking us along on your journey. Have a wonderful warm winter. Lynn

  2. sandysteer1 says:

    Home, Sweet Home looks pretty inviting. We are glad you trip went well and appreciate your sharing it with us. Looking forward to seeing the green-footed booby!

  3. Carol Neave says:

    Hi Paula, We are glad to hear that you made it safely back to Guanajuato And that everything was in good shape when you got there. Yesterday we wandered through the boat show in Toronto and had a great time as you can imagine. Cheers, Carol and Jerry with a G Sent from my iPhone

  4. That’s such a wonderful patio you have. Thanks for blogging us all the way to it! And yes, we do want to see the green-footed booby, too.

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