Slow drive south

We left Kitchener in the white light of a winter morning, thinking we were leaving winter behind–always with mixed feelings for me since I’m quite fond of winter, and especially the pale light of a winter morning, which conjures up quiet days of solitude.


In fact, we weren’t leaving it behind quite yet. In less than an hour, travelling west toward the Windsor-Detroit border crossing, we found ourselves in heavy snow, sluggish traffic, poor visibility.









It lasted about an hour and ended as abruptly as it began.




Drab midwest landscape from there on, with lots of evidence of the rust-belt effect–boarded up houses, abandonned motels.

Spectacular late afternoon sun and clouds near Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Snow flurries here in Marion, Indiana where we’ve stopped for the night. I expect by tomorrow we’ll have left all threat of snow behind.



A final note for today: thanks to both Trisha and Christa who simultaneously forwarded this link to me as a source of inspiration. Which it is. I had a moment of confusion when two virtually identical messages arrived in my inbox at precisely the same moment from two people a continent apart!

This year, I am determined to figure out why my careful arrangement of text and photos never actually shows up that way in the final post. But not this evening!



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2 Responses to Slow drive south

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    Hi Paula, I`m so glad to be getting your triptalks again. Glad you didn`t need a shovel in your trunk. Janet

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