We left Bentonville this morning and are now in Waco, Texas. From the home of the Waltons to the home of George Bush.

Crystal Ridges–the art museum in Bentonville–really is a spectacular place. The architecture, the landscaping, the exhibits themselves. I’m no expert, not at all, but the part of the collection we spent most time in–second half of the 20th century–was well displayed and the commentary, available on a free ipod, was very informative. We also spent time in a special exhibit of Alfred Stieglitz including a selection of his photographs and from his gallery collection, which includes a couple of Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings. The collection is shared between Crystal Ridges and Frisk University–a largely Black University in Memphis to which O’Keefe donated a large portion of Stieglitz’s work when he died. The collection included some interesting commentary on the significance of this choice as a way of “luring” the white population of Nashville to cross the colour barrier.


I used the panoramic feature of my iphone for the first time to try to capture the amazing combination of concave and convex forms that make up the museum. This doesn’t really do it justice.

IMG_2280And just so we don’t forget where it all comes from.

We paid $5 for the special exhibit, but nothing for general admission or for the ipod guided tour. Lunch was a different story (but excellent).

This is the fourth time we’ve driven to Mexico, taking a different route each time. Three years ago, and last year, we took several weeks and explored parts of the southwestern US. This is the first time we’ve driven through much of Oklahoma, and I found it interesting. Not at all like my image. More forested, not as hilly as the Ozarks we left behind in Arkansas, but not pancake flat, either. Pretty country with some colour left on the leaves, still some green here and there. By the time we reached Texas, lots of green trees, bright green and some freshly-planted fields.

As we get closer to the Mexican border–we’ll cross within the next few days–we’re starting to focus on what we’ll find when we get to Guanajuato. DSC01760Construction on our house is well under way. We’re both excited and apprehensive. How chaotic will it be? How long will it be before we can really settle in? The photos show the place under construction. We’re adding an upper floor, which you can see frDSC01758om the first one. The second shows what will be our bedroom. A ways to go…

Our good friend Antonio has been overseeing construction. Our plan was always to arrive in time to make decisions about interior finishing. I think we’ll make it! Notice how the rough structure is all brick. Hardly any wood at all. The brick will be covered with a plaster-like substance to make the finished walls.

And finally, on this turkey-day in the USA, I was registering for our motel this evening when I looked out the door and saw three large birds. Turkeys! The desk clerk was so excited, he dropped everything and ran outside with his phone-camera. Never seen them before. When I said they were turkeys, he said no, they were geese! Here they are, turkeys for sure, at the door of the Comfort Suites in Waco Texas, lucky to be alive!

photo 1

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1 Response to Turkey-day

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    Amazing – I never knew that geese in Oklahoma/Texas were so closely related to wild turkeys.† I wonder how many people will see his photo and be amazed at this coincidence!† I think your southern home will be lovely!† We had two Thanksgiving meals today – the first at Duda’s and the second at my brother’s.† I baked a pumpkin pie for each meal and a turkey breast to take to my brother’s.† Fortunately, we had enough self-discipline to eat fairly conservatively at both places.† Hopefully Don will be able to walk much of his off tomorrow and I will swim much of mine off.† And hopefully it will be warmer in the morning – it was only 38 F here this morning.† Safe travels and thanks for the informative and picturesque tour!



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