From the War Zone, Report 1

Well, we arrived at the house about 2 pm yesterday. The good news: in the end, the renovations will be wonderful. I’ll be trying hard to keep that in mind.

Antonio, Eloisa and Issac were here working at getting the house ready for habitation, bless them. Furniture had been moved out of the bedroom and the little study to make access easier for the workers and to give them a place to store their tools. By the time we arrived, the bedroom was pretty well back to normal and the interior of the house cleaned up. We did a bit of shifting of stuff around, and now the core of the house is quite livable, though both our outdoor portico and our eating area are being used for storage, and we haven’t begun to unpack the car!


And the outside areas are all splattered with the plaster stuff that is the major construction material here. I’m assuming it will clean up eventually…

I don’t have photos of the new rooms yet, but we will end up with a large upstairs bedroom overlooking ours and the neighbour’s trees and garden, a smaller room with a similar view for a study, and a small upstairs patio. The structures are pretty well in place, but no windows, floors, wall-finishing, etc. Photos next time.


Today, the steps to the new upstairs are being completed. It’s interesting to see how different the construction techniques are. Risers? Hardly.

In the meantime, the living room and kitchen are quite normal, and we’re preparing to settle in for at least a month (optimism doesn’t come naturally to me, but self-delusion does…) of minor chaos.


As I write this and the workers get started for the day, I realize I will have to learn to concentrate to the tune of banging, sawing, workers’ banter.




I am getting a message saying that ads may appear on this blog. Are any of you getting ads???

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2 Responses to From the War Zone, Report 1

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    No ads, Paula. I’ll tell you if I see any. Perhaps from your architect? A well-known Guanajuato taco stand?

  2. Ha! I highly recommend watching ‘A Year in Provence’ based on Peter Mayle’s book. Hope your renovations go much more smoothly! We listened to your Snowbirds essay on The Sunday Edition this past weekend. Lovely.

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