From the War Zone, Report 2

Settling in, despite the exterior chaos. We’ve met with the architect and discussed costs–are backpedaling a bit on the finishing end of things. We won’t be having a roof-top patio after all, despite the fact that the view from there would be spectacular. We’re looking at window options today, hoping to find some cheaper windows than the ones the architect recommends. And I don’t think we’ll be using the saltillo floor tiles I wanted–though today we are going with Antonio to a place where they may be available more cheaply.

The architect thinks we could be moved in to the new section in a few weeks, but that assumes we continue with him and his high commission through the finishing process. In the meantime, the “obra negra” (structural work) continues.


The exterior stucco finish is being applied here over the structural bricks.

IMG_2432Everything has to be carried by hand or lifted with pulleys from the vacant land behind the house, over the (white) wall, across a plank and into the new upstairs.


The opening for the ramp will be closed off when the obra negra is completed. And then we can begin to restore this to the pleasant entryway is usually is…

IMG_2425Scorpions are a fact of life here–though we’ve only seen a few in our house. Apparently news of my terror of them reached the construction workers, who kindly created these creatures out of wire to greet me. I will consider them a talisman against evil insects.

A note to potential visitors: local scorpions are not poisonous.

Next post will include some interior views AND some thoughts and photos about the approaching Christmas season here in central Mexico.

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3 Responses to From the War Zone, Report 2

  1. Too bad about the patio. Maybe later? The wire scorpions are beautiful!

  2. Carol Neave says:

    Hi Paula, It sounds like Christmas in a construction zone will be another adventure for you! Sorry to hear that finances will constrain the ideal kind of finishing that you were aiming for. I guess “it’s only money” doesn’t always apply! Freezing rain in the night and rain at the moment that I’m sure Jack is happy to miss. Our road is icy but apparently the highways are bare now – just wet. We are likely going to Jim’s parents in Minden for Christmas day with Alanna, Jim and the kids. It is a lot of driving but Alanna feels we should be all together. I guess it is a nice thing that she feels that way. Keep your ear plugs in and Jack can turn off his hearing aids while the construction is in progress. Love Carol

    • pdunning says:

      We aren’t really doing less than we’d planned. We’re doing less than the architect envisioned. And in the end, we may go ahead with the full thing. But we already have a new, small-but-pleasant outdoor area at the second level. What we’re sacrificing, for now anyway, is a fully tiled rooftop patio. That’s a lot of tiles, a lot of steps (since the rooftop is at 4 different levels), and a lot of safety walls. And we’re already thinking we’re adding more space than we need. I’m sure that’s what the neighbours think!!


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