One week later

Saturday. We’ve been here a week. The workers left early afternoon and won’t be back until Monday, so it was actually worth cleaning up a bit outside. We’ve been spending less time on our patio than usual, although the weather has been fine. It’s supposed to turn much colder tomorrow–dipping to 5 celsius overnight. We may start up the little gas heater.

IMG_2440We’ve never been here at this time of year. It’s more lush than it will be later; the rainy season ended only a month or so ago. Our little patch of grass is dense and growing. We’re being visited regularly by these lovely little white butterflies, here on a bougainvillea.

The workers are making good progress. The final coat of concrete is going on the walls, as smooth as plaster. We’re in the process of making decisions about floors and have quotes for the windows. I’m thinking about paint colours. In my imagination, it will come together quickly now. Oh yes, but there’s still plumbing and electricity. Bathroom fixtures. That, at least, will be dust-free.

We assumed the crew would take a break over the holidays, but apparently they work all but Christmas day. A mixed blessing. IMG_2461

Here’s a view looking out of the new bedroom onto the garden and patio. The bedroom will be huge, but will also include my study area. The second new room will be a study for Jack and a place for the TV.IMG_2464



Here’s Jack on the rooftop that won’t be a patio, talking to the neighbour on his rooftop. The clothes are hanging on the roof of the house across the “street”, which is really just a sidewalk.


Christmas is obviously approaching, and so far it’s not much different from home. Every day a few more houses sport blinking lights. I tried to take some photos without much success. I went to the supermarket today, where there’s a huge decorated tree in the parking lot and the middle aisle is packed with Santas, snowmen, artificial Christmas trees, and ornaments.

IMG_2452I’m a little surprised at how completely the typical northern Christmas symbols seem to have invaded this country, but I don’t suppose I should be. As the time approaches, I expect we’ll see more evidence of uniquely Mexican traditions. I hope so.

I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit myself, so far with little success. I did bring a few ornaments from home, but I haven’t unpacked them yet. Maybe I’ll buy a few lights, make a wreath, bake some cookies. Cranberry bread if I can find any fresh cranberries.





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