A feline visitor

How foolish is this? We seem to have adopted a kitten. We found it huddled—terrified, skinny, scruffy—behind some construction stuff being stored on our portico. It looks to be about 3 months old. IMG_2663We scrambled down to the Mega–a supermarket about a ten minute walk straight downhill from our house–and came back with cat food, flea shampoo, and kitty litter.He (it turns out) wasn’t impressed with the bath, but took quickly to both the food and the kitty litter. I guess we’ll be taking him to the vet for de-worming and perhaps more thorough de-fleaing. There’s an organization in town that pays for neutering of stray animals when the time comes. THEN, we’ll have to find a home for him when we leave in the spring.

On the way to my twice-weekly Spanish class on Tuesday, I heard festive music and commotion coming from a school. I thought school was out for the holidays–maybe they returned especially for the Christmas pageant. IMG_2651Parents and grandparents were hovering around, so I boldly stuck my head through the open door into the courtyard–hoping I’d be taken for somebody’s grandma–and took a few shots of the proceedings. They didn’t turn out well at all, but you can make out the usual cast of characters–an angel, some kings, and a group of shepherds gathered in a circle. Also a devil, who wasn’t part of the Christmas pageants of my childhood but seems to play a role here.

Then, on the way home, this shot of a creche in a restaurant window. IMG_2654I take it these are part of the Christmas preparations in most households. The “stable” structure is on sale in dozens of little “Christmas markets” that have sprung up in the last week or so with piles of moss, straw, figurines, and the usual assortment of baubles and boughs. This photo isn’t the greatest either, but you get the idea.

We have reason to believe we will have windows installed and the painting begun before Christmas–in less than a week. We’ll see…



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5 Responses to A feline visitor

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    So, I guess Romulous and Remus have a new half-brother!  I suspect it will be hard to give him away when you return to Canada!  We are back in Florida and trying to catch up after being away for 8 days.



  2. Lynn Campbell says:

    Hi Paula and Jack… Although I haven’t responded in any regular way to your trip talk blog, I look forward to receiving and reading them. I feel as if I’m on a holiday. Construction progress on your abode is exciting, and adds verification to the life you are building in Mexico. I’m interested to see if you bring back to Canada a warm reminder of your second home in Mexico. Might it be a small furry thing, and what is its name? Wishing you both a happy holiday.

  3. Carol Neave says:

    How is the cat doing now?

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    • pdunning says:

      Cat, aka Anonymo, is happy and frisky, apparently aware that he’s fallen into the hands of a couple of suckers and taking full advantage. We haven’t yet taken him to the vet, must do that soon. And if we haven’t found someone who’s willing to take him on and care for him when we leave, we’ll put him up for adoption while he’s still kitty-cute. So far, no takers.

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