Frente Frio 20

Cold Front 20, we’re being told, as the temperature drops into the single digits (Celsius) overnight and fails to reach 20 during the day. We’re not suffering much, and even though I’m wishing I could be spending Christmas with kids and grandkids, when I look at the weather and the airport cancellations this weekend, I’m glad I’m not travelling.

We haven’t been able to catch any of the posadas at the churches. Every time we walk by in the evening and think there’s something Christmassy going on, it turns out to be a wedding. But the last couple of times we’ve walked up the hill toward our house, we’ve seen groups of families gathered at the same spot across from a doorway, or heading home with bags of fruit and drinking something from styrofoam cups. Yesterday I stopped and talked to a woman who said yes, this was a posada that involved their whole neighbourhood.

IMG_2672The city is filling up with tourists–seems it’s a popular place to come for a few days over the holidays. Yesterday, we passed a mime/clown performing outside the Teatro Juarez–a common weekend event.

And then, a couple of guys strumming and singing Celtic music in Plaza de la Paz. IMG_2679I tapped my foot through several pieces, then asked where they were from. It sounded like Newfoundland or Cape Breton music. They’re from Vancouver.

At the moment, we’re expecting Antonio and Eloisa, Isaac and Monica, for a pre-Christmas celebration before they head off to Durango to spend the holidays with Eloisa’s family. The nearly-perfect red tablecloth turned out not to be a tablecloth at all but a thing to put IMG_2682around the base of a Christmas tree. The candle covers the hole for the tree trunk, and the opening can be fairly easily concealed. And it will serve as a devil’s cape if we ever need one.

Later this evening, a party later in the evening at the home of some people we met just last week. We’ve invited several people here for Christmas Eve dinner, and on Christmas Day we’ve been invited to have dinner with friends who live in an amazing place some distance out in the country. Photos for sure.

Yesterday, someone phoned from the place we’ve ordered our floor tiles from, asking if we were home to accept a delivery. That was about 10 am, and we were. Later, Jack had to go out, but I stayed and waited for the delivery. At about 3:30, he arrived home and I went out to do some errands I’d been postponing all day. The delivery never arrived. Mañana, I expect.





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