Christmas in el campo

We began our Christmas celebration on Christmas eve with a small dinner party here. We surprised ourselves by staying up chatting until after midnight. I had thought we might wander down to one of the big churches to observe midnight mass, but that didn’t happen.

Then yesterday we were invited to have Christmas dinner with Eliza and Bob, good friends of our friends and nearest Anglo neighbours, Peter and Trishas. Eliza and Bob live in “el campo”–the countryside–about half an hour from Guanajuato. Peter and Trisha’s daughter, son-in-law and grandson are here visiting, as is Bob’s daughter. So we were a party of nine.

Eliza is an artist, and it shows in every inch of their home. It’s a sprawling place with an assortment of small buildings and outdoor gardens and patios. It’s easy to get lost between the kitchen and the bathroom! I’ll try to give you a photo-tour, though I continue to struggle with placement of photos and text.

The view from the road is charming, but doesn’t give a hint of what’s inside.IMG_2727 Go through the door, and it’s a maze of pathways, plantings, patios, and small one-room structures serving as bedrooms, studio, outdoor dining areas.

Here, Eliza and Trisha are heading toward Eliza’s art studio.


The outdoor areas are all beautifully sculptured and include pieces of Eliza’s own 3-dimensional artwork, many constructed from found objects.


Oranges, ready for picking, bougainvilleas, poinsettias grown to be trees  (though not in this photo).


Last year, we had Easter dinner in this outdoor eating area, under the gaze of this collection of masks from around the world.


Yesterday, though, it was cool enough to enjoy a real fire in a real fireplace–a rarity here.


The kitchen, dining, and living room are all in one building, and were the hub of yesterday’s activities.


And then a dinner, prepared and dished up in this very Mexican kitchen, with Eliza’s art to the right of the archway. Worth enlarging!



Turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salads…topped off with browines-to-die-for and pecan pie!


Two tables, set for nine.

IMG_2694AND, the piece de resistance in my opinion, the bath house. It takes 3 photos to give you the full view…so much more than a bathroom! Note the wash basin in the second photo.


Now we are back in our own humble abode, becoming less humble by the day as workers continue with paint and prepare to put down tiles. It’s a rainy, overcast day here. We have just returned from Dolores Hidalgo, where we were shopping for tiles for the new bathroom and some colourful trim in the bedroom. Alas–and of course–our favourites are the most expensive!



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2 Responses to Christmas in el campo

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    What a delightful Christmas celebration! Ours was pretty mundane compared to yours, but still, family is family and we enjoy celebrating together. Duda and Courtney came to church on Christmas Eve, (we were in the choir)then back here for our annual Christmas gift exchange. Saturday afternoon we went across the street to my brother’s along with his son and his wife and 4 kids. We had supper, jointly prepared by my sister in law and me, then had our gift exchange. Christmas Eve afternoon, I hosted the annual treasure hunt for my nephew’s 4 kids, who are now 14, 16, 18 and 20 – but none of them yet want to give up this tradition. I write out 5 clues for each of them and they go one at a time to find some small treaure hidden for them. This year I bought each of them a small “jumping jack” on a string at the German Christmas market.They loved them. We spoke with rick and Gail yesterday afternoon. They were in Petoskey with Megan and her family. Gail has been battling a cold she “caught from the Atlanta granddaughter” when they were all together in North Carolina at Thanksgiving. Have a happy, healthy, new year.



  2. Janet Inksetter says:

    Hola, Feliz Navidad. What a great picture you`ve given us. Sounds like a wonderful time. Southern food. Yum. Thanks, Paula, for your posts. We are among those who look forward to and enjoy them. xx Janet y Ronaldo.

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