Dreary days

Of course it would be unacceptable for me to complain about the cold. But I’m envying those of you who are snug in your houses beside the fire or the heating vent. For the last four or five days here it’s been overcast and  rainy, with highs in the low teens and lows in single digits–and no IMG_2748heating system to speak of. We have a small gas heater that takes the edge off, but we rely a lot on blankets and sweaters. Of course, we have to take the Christmas tree off the heater when we

I walked down to the centre a couple of days ago to buy paint for the new  IMG_2728 rooms. It was raining pretty hard, water rushing downhill where it eventually ends up in storm sewers at the bottom. But en route, there were waterfalls pouring down the little streets that are really just steps. On the way through town to the paint place, I noticed that the festive paper maché pinatas were looking pretty soggy. Then, the cab driving me and the paint home was slowed down by a IMG_2737truck and crane plucking them down. That part of the season is obviously over.

Two trips to Dolores Hidalgo in three days, but we finally have the tiles and sink for the new bathroom, though that seems to be the last thing on the builders’ list. Tomorrow, another trip to Leon to buy light fixtures and a toilet.IMG_2741 The wiring is almost done, the painters anticipate one more day on the interior, the tiles are beginning to be laid, and we expect the windows to be in place mid-week. Not sure when to expect the plumbing. I am trying to break out of my “beige is best” colour trap, as you can see. It is, after all, Mexico.



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2 Responses to Dreary days

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    Hi Paula,
    As you might guess, I love, love, love this colour. Does it have a name, or is that not part of the custom? And is this your bedroom? Looking out at the tree tops will be delightful.
    xxx Janet

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