Approaching the end…

Of the construction, that is. We have several crews working–sometimes it seems at cross-purposes.

The new second floor, and a fresh coat of paint on everything.

The new second floor, and a fresh coat of paint on everything.

Three guys painting, two guys laying tiles, a carpenter who wanders in an out with doors, etc., some people installing windows, and electrician (who becomes a plumber when the wiring is done.) Nobody seems to have more than a

Floor tiles going down, bathroom door installed.

Floor tiles going down in bedroom, bathroom door installed. (Bright red wall to the right and back…)

few days more of work, but it seems that’s been true for some time. The window people won’t put the big windows in until the painting is done on the walls; the painters won’t put the second coat on the walls until the tiles are all down; the tiles can’t be finished until the grout–

This will be study and TV room, with elevated area overlooking trees and patio below.

This will be study and TV room, with elevated area overlooking trees and patio below.

which they ran out of at the tile store–arrives, theoretically last Friday but in fact, maybe Tuesday.

I’m excited about moving in, but also struggling with an enormous sense of guilt. We knew, of course, that the house would be bigger. Duh.

But it seems SO big, and so extravagant. Especially compared with some–though not all–of our neighbours, who it seems assumed we were planning to rent out the new upstairs as an apartment. No, we say it’s for family and guests. SO, help us out. Arrange a visit!


The tourist influx into the city over the holidays was pretty extraordinary. The local newspaper predicted 100,000 tourists. I’ve rarely seen the streets so crowded–maybe last year when the pope was here. This is a popular spot for Mexican tourists–that was the majority of the influx. It’s a scenic city with historic significance and a number of popular tourist attractions. Like the Mummy Museum. Really. It seems there’s something about the soil here that mummifies corpses. Space in the cemetery is limited, so unless your family pays for “eterno”, you get dug up after a set period of time to make room for the next generation. If your body is n good condition, you go into the museum. I’ve never been there. To visit, I mean.IMG_2751

When the tourists are here, the street art blossoms. I guess this is street art. Human statues, so well done it’s a shock when they move–which is rarely. IMG_2750People line up to get their photos taken with the statues.


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