The window saga continues…

I’m posting this from my new workspace in a spacious corner of the humungous new bedroom, which seems even more humungous because my little desk and a mattress are the only things in it. Still no windows. We’ll move dressers, etc. tomorrow.

Yesterday, Jack and the architect found out where the glass-guy (Ricardo)  lives and went in search of him. He wasn’t home. He still isn’t answering his phone for us or for the architect. But, he is for Eloisa.

She phoned him yesterday to say she was interested in having him make some new windows for her. She isn’t. This was her idea, and we think it’s brilliant. He has no idea she’s connected to us. But when he arrives at her house tomorrow afternoon–Jack (and hopefully the architect) will be there. I, alas, will have to miss the show because someone has to stay at the house where workers are finishing up–and my Spanish is not up to the task. Probably not my chutzpah, either.

Jack’s plan is to insist on seeing our windows and to drive Ricardo to his workshop. (Not alone, I’m insisting. Antonio or the architect will go too, if all this comes to pass.) And Jack will be presenting Ricardo with legal papers, threatening to file them if we don’t get either our windows or our money. I haven’t a clue how effective that will be, if indeed we need to resort to it. But at least we should know if the windows exist. If they don’t, we’ll have to move on to another aluminero (window-guy).

Advice from a friend: If you’re ever going to laugh about it, you might as well start now. Ha, ha!

Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to The window saga continues…

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    Oh, Paula, remind us not to EVER try building ANYTHING in Mexico!  This experience really should be pubished in short story form – cmplete with photos!  I would love to be a fly on the wall if and when Jack has a chance to confront Ricardo!  Thanks for keeping us entertained! Love to both of you –



  2. carolynrmiller says:

    Plots! Intrigue! Strategy! The suspense is compelling.

  3. …and we shall hope Ricardo is not a blog follower! Can’t wait for the follow up. Are you sure your friend can not set up video via her cell phone?

  4. Marilyn says:

    How exciting! I’m dying to know how it worked out!

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