Resolution? We’ll see…

Ricardo was surprised to see Jack, but willingly signed the paper saying we’d paid him a bunch of money and had received nothing. He understands that the paper will be filed tomorrow afternoon if everything doesn’t show up by 1:00 pm tomorrow and we’ll move on to another aluminero. He’s been busy with another project, he says.

The fact that he was willing to sign strongly suggests the windows do, indeed, exist, and that we’ll get them tomorrow. If not, though, we have a way of getting our money back and we’ll move on to the other guy who says he can have them in eight days. Which means grandchildren will NOT be leaping out of empty window spaces when they arrive on Feb. 6.

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5 Responses to Resolution? We’ll see…

  1. Marilyn says:

    Great news!

  2. Janet Inksetter says:

    You Dunnings (and Eloisa),
    You rock!
    Janet and Ron

  3. Penny Milton says:

    Looks like resolution is at hand. I do hope so.

  4. Sylvie Reid says:


  5. Onni and Ulla Juhala says:

    So Glad to hear this latest, by all indications you will finally have your windows tomorrow. Good news now you can go on to what ever comes next.

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