The End of Ricardo

I know you are all waiting with baited breath for the next installment. Ricardo didn’t show up but phoned to say he wanted to talk to us at 6. We said okay, at six on the dot. Antonio came to help out. Ricardo never showed up. We are moving on with another window guy tomorrow and, unfortunately, we will be handing the paper Ricardo signed yesterday over to a lawyer, via our architect. Apparently we won’t have to do anything but wait for the money. So they say.


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2 Responses to The End of Ricardo

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    Wow, Paula, this has been quite a learning experience for the two of you. I hope the rest of the work goes well – and you get the money back from Ricardo! The photos you have sent indicate a beautiul house and I’m sure you will love it – when it is finished! Hang in there – a glass or two of wine would surely help!



  2. Onni and Ulla Juhala says:

    Darn, I felt for sure he would respond and you guys would have your windows today. Obviously Ricardo is playing a shell game but at least he is corner now. Now if you can just withstand the process of waiting.. I second Sandy`s suggestion to reserve a few glasses of wine.

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