Out of the house, into the city

As the to-do list for the construction project begins to feature items like a toilet brush and curtain rods, I figure it’s time to bring this part of our Guanajuato story to a close. We are still awaiting windows, which the new aluminero says will be here Friday. In the meantime, we’re moving into the new rooms and gradually clearing out the on the portico, moving it into a new closet.

And we’re beginning to remind ourselves of why we’re here in the first place. IMG_2842Another concert last Sunday, an amazing Jazz group led by pianist Gabriel Hernandez–whose name means nothing to me, but whose list of gigs is pretty impressive. Almost as much fun as watching and listening to the band was watching the body movements of the audience—everything from relaxed and still to moving everything from the seat up in time to the music. My own feet tapped non-stop.

The annual foreign film festival has also begun. Two nights ago, we went to a French film (with Spanish subtitles), Jeune et Bella, about a 17-year-old who combines student life at the Sorbonne with prostitution. Tonight, a Romanian film called Child’s Prose. There’s one every night for 3 weeks. Sometimes they’re in English, which is always a treat. We can manage Spanish subtitles if the dialogue isn’t too dense. But when they’re originally in Spanish, we don’t even try.


Today, on my way back from my weekly writers’ group, I took a few pictures of the city as I walked through. Nothing either photographically or culturally impressive.


Then took the funicular up our side of the mountains, looking down on the city as it receded below.


And finally, the view from the windowless-window beside my desk, with the sun hot on my left side!

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1 Response to Out of the house, into the city

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    Believe me, my friend, all you have to do is check the weather report for the Soo and you will KNOW why you spend your winters in Guanajuato!  Mickey says the snow is horrendous – 238 cm since Dec. with 8 feet more expected this wnter.



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