Little visitors

Galen, Katharina, Quentin and Stella landed at the airport in Leon around 11:45 last night. photoJack picked them up–the car won’t hold us all. They got here an hour later–the adults exhausted by the “trip from hell” but the kids now happy to be here and rarin’ to go. By 1:30, everyone was finally tucked in.

IMG_2889Morning came early. A bit too early. Galen and Katharina slept in. Quentin and Grandpa squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Then Jack and I took the two kids for a walk to buy oranges for tomorrow morning and more fruit for today, stopping at a playground on the way.

An early morning swing. Fruit and vegetable shop inthe background under red awning.

An early morning swing. Fruit and vegetable shop in the background under red awning.

Late Wednesday night, just hours before leaving Canada, Katharina discovered her residency card had expired. She’s German citizen, in Canada as a permanent resident. She’s required to show the card when she returns to Canada, and sometimes when passing through the U.S. And the airline needs to see it when she heads home. It was no problem coming down, but they’re frantically trying to figure out how to renew it from here before the trip back in 10 days.

This evening, Jack and I will be going to the first symphony concert of the season. These Friday night events will now become a highlight of most weeks.

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1 Response to Little visitors

  1. Janet Inksetter says:

    I haven’t seen the kids since the last time they were in Guanajuato, one year ago. How grownup they both look. Janet

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