Grandkids–can’t help myself


This is an unapologetic photo collection of Quentin and Stella–with occasional glimpses of their parents and the city. They’ve been here for five full days already.


Every year for one week in February the city is home to a festival of street theatre–magicians, jugglers, mimes. IMG_2262The family arrived just in time for the last couple of nights, so we wandered down to watch. The best of the shows happen too late for little kids, but this clown was fun to watch.


Mornings, we’ve been hanging around the house. Then, excursions into the city. IMG_2246It’s always fun to walk down, jumping over “topes”, or speed bumps, on the very narrow, very steep road to the centre. That’s the entire width of the road you see, so we’re always alert to the sound of cars coming up behind and scurry over to the side to wait for them to pass.


This trip had a destination in mind. Quentin had his hair cut in Guanajuato last year and remembered. He’s been letting it grow just so he could get it cut here again. Note the price: 35 pesos for a cut. 20 for a kid. That’s less than 2 dollars.


Then to our favourite plaza for an ice cream. Blue popsicles appear to be the treat of choice. She’s not in this picture, but that’s what Stella had too.

Today, a trip to the Presa–the dam at the top of the city–which was originally built as a water source for Guanajuato but is now a recreation area. Family members–note the name of the little rowboat!


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