Christmas Cards, A Valentine Party

Last week, our new doorbell rang. It plays Fur Elise, really badly. When Jack answered, the postman was at the door and handed him an envelope. Don’t ask me why he didn’t just put it in the slot with the water bill. It turned out to be a Christmas card, mailed from Toronto before Christmas. A mere two months. That was odd enough, but two days later another arrived, this one mailed from Michigan, also before Christmas. So, tempting as it might be to accuse Canada Post for the delay, I think we have to blame the Mexicans for this one! It’s hard to imagine what can take that long, and why they would both arrive at virtually the same time.

The same day the second card arrived, we were invited to a dinner party at the home of some people from Louisiana whom we know slightly. We’ve been to their home once before, a gorgeously renovated colonial house in the centre of the city. The last time we were there, Jack spilled red wine on a white upholstered chair. I was nervous. Then, on the way down the hill, Jack stumbled and fell. It looked more serious than it was; bystanders rushed to his aid. We had to walk back home for him to change out of his torn trousers.

Diego Rivera looking down on red balloons. What's he thinking??

Diego Rivera looking down on red balloons. What’s he thinking??


Finally we arrived and were greeted by–not exactly a butler, but a server who took the bottle of wine we proffered and provided us with drinks as we entered.



The house was decorated for a belated Valentines Day party. Balloons, hearts, a table set in red and white, and an entertainer who sang for the first hour while people in the kitchen finished preparing to serve the meal. IMG_3003

IMG_3008Kudos to the hosts! These people know how to entertain! They prepared the food themselves, but hired people to serve and clean up. Very civilized.

And I’m pleased to say that neither of us spilled anything. Also, that Jack’s tumble down the Callejon resulted in only a skinned knee and a little stiffness the next day.



Yesterday, Erica and her family arrived. Antonio insisted on driving his car to the airport too, so Jack and I could both meet them and drive back in two cars. This is their first trip here, and we’re excited about showing them around. No photos yet–those grandchildren are young men who have a right to insist on photos that don’t make them look stunned. I’ll work on that today!



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2 Responses to Christmas Cards, A Valentine Party

  1. burr888 says:

    Hi, i got a Christmas card last week too! Two full months from South Carolina and hand delivered as yours was. Strange. Hope you are having fun. See you after you recover from company. T

    Regards, Tricia Burr

  2. My sister had a christmas card returned to sender yesterday. Only problem was that it was mailed nearly two years ago! Although it had been mailed abroad, not sure we can blame the Mexicans.

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