Dentist and Decorating

We’re into our final couple of weeks here, which means–because who would do it sooner than absolutely necessary?–our annual dental bonanza.

Our dental clinic, perched on the edge of the hill.

Our dental clinic, perched on the edge of the hill.

In the last few years, since we decided not to purchase dental insurance at home, we’ve begun having dental work done here. Root canal: $300.  Crown: $350. And this is at what may be the most expensive dental practice in the city. Jack came close to having and extraction and an implant, which would have cost quite a lot more, but still much less than at home. In the end, he decided on a wait-and-see strategy. You do have to be careful not to be encouraged to do more work than is necessary.

Jack in the dentist's chair.

Jack in the dentist’s chair.

We’re very fond of our dentist here, Dr. Daniel, a very young (ahem, or so it seems to us), very gentle man who always greets me with a hug and a kiss (very Mexican) and goes out of his way to make sure I understand everything he’s doing. Still, we always put this off until the last minute, so we’re fitting a bunch of dental appointments into our currently not-so-busy lives.

After a month or more of settling into our new digs, we’ve had a brief stint of decorating–hanging pictures, acquiring a bit more art and furniture. If you scroll all the way back to December, you’ll see a from the home where we had Christmas dinner featuring a marvellous painting of three mariachis–the work of Eliza, our hostess that day. But you don’t have to scroll back, because we’ve never forgotten that painting, and it’s now ours. Meet Gordo, Guapo, y Guero. (Fatso, Handsome, and Blondie).


Last week, on a final push to finish up what we started, we drove to Dolores Hidalgo to check out a furniture place we’d heard about, then drove the road between Dolores and San Miguel d’Allende checking out a string of antique/junk shops along the way. We bought a rocking chair that will need some work and, in San Miguel, a couple of Oaxaca rugs. One is hanging on the wall, the other is the finishing touch for my little office-corner. Enough of consumer reports.


Several of the major streets and sidewalks in the city are under construction, have been all winter, and people are becoming very annoyed at how slowly the work is progressing. Except for a few pieces of heavy equipment brought in at critical points in the process, the work is done by hand. Pick and shovel, rakes, wheelbarrows, and of course stones and mortar. This stretch–I’d guess half a kilometer–is almost done and scheduled to open April 9.


The days continue to be beautiful, though you can feel the heat creeping in and we’re now loathe to climb the hill midday. (Only mad dogs and Englishmen…Kipling?) We’re told May is the hottest month, before the rains begin. We’ll be gone by then. Our plan was to leave on April 13 and arrive in Kitchener a week or so later. We’re now thinking of pushing that back by a few days and spending some time along the gulf coast of Texas, since we’re pretty sure this will be our last year to drive. (Either way, we’ll be back in Canada by the 21st and back at home by the 25th. Where there may still be snow…)


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4 Responses to Dentist and Decorating

  1. What a pretty little office corner you have!

  2. sandysteer1 says:

    Maybe I should send Don to visit you – he is in need of 2 filling replacements and a crown!  And, yes, it is very expensive here!  I think we may be finished with our MRH and MRH-related vistors for this winter.  We enjoyed the visit with Rick and Gail who parked their motor home in our driveway for 3 days and slept in it.  The next week, we had Micky and Judy Iribarren who live near West Palm Beach but as you probably remember, rented a cabin for several weeks two different summers.  They only stayed overnight.  Last week, we met Cherie and Bob Fish for lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel. Yesterday, a couple who went to college with Don were here for lunch before I took them to the airport to catch a flight home.  The man spent a week a couple of different summers taking a photography class at MRH.  None of these visitors convinced Don to pack for his annual drive north – still too much snow and cold up there.  He is thinking of leaving the Saturday after Easter.  Enjoy your drive home!



  3. doris says:

    your office looks very cozy. I remember those rugs in Oaxaca, they are so beautiful. I couldn’t carry one because I travelled with a packsack. I got your tickets today for the Voyageur dinner on April 26th. Hope you make it. The way the snow melted today we might be snow free by May. The sun is already so warm it will go fast.
    Looking forward seeing you guys. Have a good trip home

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