I’m supposed to write something about myself on this page. Hmmm. What I choose to write depends on the day. Here’s what I’d like to say today.

This blog began as a travel journal last year, as Jack and I made our annual journey from northern Ontario to central Mexico, where we pass our winters. But I’d like to make it more this year, to use it as a way to write about the experience of living part-time in Guanajuato, Mexico.

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my almost-seven decades–student, wife, mother, farmer, friend, politician, businesswoman (really bad businesswoman), writer, editor, teacher, grandmother. Now, retired from gainful employment, I’m trying to reinvent myself as a writer. That means writing. Often. Every day, I’m told. I try.

I’ve completed a draft of a book–a memoir about the years Jack and I spent farming and raising a family in our 30s and 40s and about my own evolution during those years. It’s my biggest writing venture to date, and now that I’ve put it aside for awhile I’m searching for a new project, floundering a bit. I’m writing little stuff. Essays. Blog entries. Shopping lists.

Even if nobody reads these postings, the pressure to post something occasionally will–I hope–help me focus on honing this craft, help me see the details of my life as elements of a story that might be worth sharing.





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