Moving On…

As I hinted at in my last post, I’m beginning a new blog, one that will be exploring issues arising from our decision to move from the home we’ve lived in for 42 years. It’s not, of course, just about moving; we don’t yet know where we’ll go. The decision to move at this stage in our lives and after so many years raises larger questions about our relationship to time and place, about how those relationships affect the aging process, about whether to embrace or deny that process itself.

I will also use the blog to share some segments from my memoir, Shifting Currents, as they seem appropriate to the issues at hand. Maybe even sometimes if they don’t.

So–check it out at

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2 Responses to Moving On…

  1. sandysteer1 says:

    Great start, Paula! Don and I are having similar thoughts about our time at Sageda.  It isn’t easy to move on to the next stage when your mind and heart want to continue but your body says it is time.  We’ll see how the summer goes.



  2. Sylvie Reid says:

    Love it, please continue on.

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